Activities in Rome

Take a Journey into the Eternal City

An old proverb says: “All roads lead to Rome”. The wisdom of our predecessors inspired by the huge reticulated roads that characterized the eternal city and that still forms the basis of the Italian road network. The main roads – Cassia, Aurelia, Appia, Casilina, Tiburtina, Salaria and Flaminia – lead here, to a treasure chest without equal in the world. The ancient ruins of the capital re-emerge at every corner, under your feet and above your heads, you just have to choose an itinerary.

Rome is a city for everyone, young people, families, elderly and disabled people. The artistic and cultural offer is accessible thanks to the technological innovation that has made the various points of interest interactive stations capable to transmit to visitor all the charm of history. The large green spaces and gardens, as the extraordinary natural reserve Insugherata or the Villa Borghese Park, are designed to embrace the tourist, even the smallest, and create evocative interludes in your path. And if it's not enough for you, the daily calendar is always full of exhibitions and events ready to capture your attention and to immerse you in an eternally present past.